Welcome to Happy Hyderabad

Happy Hyderabad is aimed at Happiness all the time for all the members and for all the people around.

This Happiness is to be achieved by various categories –

Fitness (Cycling, Running, Swimming, Trekking, Cricket, Football, Badminton)

Adventure and Exploration (Motorcycle Rides)

Socializing and Fun (Book Clubs, Foodies)

Giving (Environment, Society, Education, Volunteering, Health, Charity).

What we do


Socializing and Fun



We do Bicycle rides 4 days a week. 3 city rides during the weekdays and one long ride on a weekend.
Cycling brings in lot of happiness for all of us. Cycling is the solution for lot of problems in the city and also for the members.

There are n number of benefits from Cycling – health and fitness, economical, less carbon emission, reduced pollution, less traffic congestion, no tolls. Many times, bicycle trip is faster than that of the car.
We cannot buy Happiness, but buying a Bicycle is closer to that. We as a group ride in the early morning for fun, fitness, socializing and also we take up cycling for our regular commute activities.

Motorcycle Rides

As the name is self explanatory, we do motorcycle rides (long and short) for happiness. Once in a month we do meet the Gang and do a happy ride.
All events will be updated upfront atleast a week before, please be proactive and keep sharing your suggested routes/dates e.t.c in the group or to the organisers/admins.
If interested, please do join our group by contacting us.


Running is very good cardio activity, which we consistently give for our body every week 2 days. As cyclists, this is a good cross training for all of us.

Every Wednesday and Saturday, we usually run in different parts of the city. KBR Park, Botanical Gardens, DurgamCheruvu Track, Hussain Sagar Lake and more.

If you wish to join our group, please contact us.

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