About Us

Happy Hyderabad is aimed at Happiness all the time for all the members and for all the people around.

This Happiness is to be achieved by various categories –

Fitness (Cycling, Running, Swimming, Trekking, Cricket, Football, Badminton)

Adventure and Exploration (Motorcycle Rides)

Socializing and Fun (Book Clubs, Foodies)

Giving (Environment, Society, Education, Volunteering, Health, Charity).

The Philosophy behind this is that –

Happiness is accomplished by the Happy Hormones package physiologically. Happy Hormones package comes as four hormones.

1) Endorphins – which gets generated whenever we do workout for more than 30 minutes.

2) Oxytocin – which gets generated when we are part of the community and we have people to care about.

3) Serotonin – which gets generated when we are giving as volunteers as part of the community.

4) Dopamine – which gets generated when we inspire, motivate, recognize being part of the community.

All these are possible and achieved via Happy Hyderabad, as a strong Happy Community.