We do Bicycle rides 4 days a week. 3 city rides during the weekdays and one long ride on a weekend.

Cycling brings in lot of happiness for all of us. Cycling is the solution for lot of problems in the city and also for the members.

There are n number of benefits from Cycling – health and fitness, economical, less carbon emission, reduced pollution, less traffic congestion, no tolls. Many times, bicycle trip is faster than that of the car.

We cannot buy Happiness, but buying a Bicycle is closer to that. We as a group ride in the early morning for fun, fitness, socializing and also we take up cycling for our regular commute activities.

Are you a cyclist (for fitness only) and you are done with the bicycle by 8am?
Try to take your bicycle for any one of your trips in the day. It could be for your purchase of flowers or vegetables or fruits or cake or snacks or gym or office or grocery/supermarkets etc.,
It will be a great experience. I personally had been doing this for more than an year now. There are a lot of benefits individually and for the environment.

If you wish to join our group, please contact us.

If interested, you may contact us for getting added to the activities.

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